Who loves ya, baby?

So I have this theory that life is all about the lessons you’re supposed to learn. It’s not like I came up with this idea, but I’ve decided that it’s true and important…at least to me. So, it goes like this:

1. Life throws a lesson at you that you really need to understand. Now, it would be too easy if it were all nice and neat and had big arrows pointing at it, like this…Life sign

Instead, the lesson is usually small and stealthy, and sometimes it’s in disguise or even hiding underneath something else (like that last chocolate covered cherry in the farthest corner on the bottom layer of the picked-over valentine’s box…behind all those nasty marshmallow-filled things). You have to really sort through to find the good stuff.

lovey candy

2. Unless you’re some sort of highly advanced soul, you might not notice your lesson (in spite of the universe’s prodding). If you do happen to take note, it might not seem like something that’s fun or interesting, so you keep walking (or if you’re like me, you flat out run from it).

3. By now the universe figures out that you’re dim, and that it’s gonna take more to get you to wake up to your lesson. Pretty soon the lesson is showing up more often, in different packages, shapes and sizes. Mine looked something like this…

Construction sign






…and this…

movie sign

…and before you know it, your secret message from the universe shows up everywhere you look…

Scaffold sign








4. If you’re lucky, by this point you’ve decided to finally open your eyes and figure out what it is you’re supposed to GET. If you’re, however, as hard-headed as I am…well, it might take a little more…

Old Building

I like to think that my own personal message is finally starting to sink in, but little reminders certainly don’t hurt.




7 responses to “Who loves ya, baby?

  1. I agree. I’ve always been convinced that you are presented with certain things over and over again because you are supposed to learn something that you just haven’t gotten yet.


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  3. Thanks, Tammy (and Fred for directing me over here)! It’s a lesson that’s hard to learn. The critical voices are so ingrained, that we may fail to even recognize them. But I know if I let love in, then I’d suffer so much less, and everything would flow so much better.


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