Not exactly a DAYdream believer…

So I just read through some old notes about dreams I’ve had, and I ran across this winner…

A few months back I dreamed about being in a movie; I wasn’t sure what the story line for the script was, but there were lots of thugs and tough guys involved. At some point I came up with an idea that ended up being included in the movie, and I got really excited about it. My brilliant idea was to take a Monkees’ song and change the words around…because you know that’s so gangsta. (For those too young to remember the enigma that was The Monkees, they were a goofy teen heart-throb band from the late 1960’s that was made up for a TV show. They had a few songs that were actually good though, and some sad, middle-aged women apparently still have dreams about them.)micky davy final

Back to the dream…the next thing you know, The Monkees themselves were actually there on the movie set! It was big stuff for me, and I decided that I needed to help them ‘get’ my version of their song, so I sang the heck out of it. Not sure how long that part lasted, but it was a big part of the dream and seemed to go on and on. I guess I must have been singing a bit emphatically (as is my nature), because Davy Jones kept staring at me and he didn’t look too happy (maybe he knew I always liked Micky Dolenz better?)

The dream continued for quite a while, with me singing and Davy being all aloof and snooty, just like I knew he would be. I must have eventually worn him down though, because at some point he came up behind me and told me to walk across the room. He then reached out his hands and sort of held my butt while I walked, as he’d requested. In typical non-linear dream style, I suddenly remembered that I had been having a terrible backache…and he fixed it! Then he started to hold my…well…things started to turn a little sexy…but my back felt great!

Sorry Micky, it wasn’t a lucid dream, or I might have made better choices!


Yeah, Stevie Nicks gives me advice

I don’t remember the first time I ever listened to the song Landslide by Fleetwood Mac, but I do remember the first time I really heard it. I was driving to work in late 1997, distracted by worry about my marriage to #1. Things had been rocky for a while and I knew that I needed to call it quits, but it’s a big old decision and I was having a helluva hard time getting there. All of a sudden, I heard Stevie Nicks’ voice on the radio and these words jumped out at me:

Well, I’ve been afraid of changing
‘Cause I’ve built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Even children get older and I’m getting older too…

Damn…she was obviously singing TO ME.

Now, I won’t say that a song caused me to move forward with separating from my husband, but it certainly helped me do some necessary soul-searching and it was a real catalyst for making a very difficult decision.

Ever since that day, Landslide just happens to show up in my life whenever I’m going through tough times…it’s bizarre and sometimes feels like I put in a request to some cosmic DJ to play it. I’ll be stressing out over some crisis or other and BLAM!…there’s Stevie, reminding me that I just need to handle the seasons of my life. I know it sounds nuts, but synchronicity is real in my life, and when the universe is trying to tell me something, I listen!

This has been a tough week. I’ve been feeling down for days because of some very hard decisions that I had to make. I know that the choices I made will ultimately be best for me, but they sure hurt like the devil right now. Naturally, while driving to work this morning, I flipped to a channel that I rarely listen to and…BLAM…there was Stevie singing to me, reminding me that time does make you bolder, that life is fleeting, and that change is a huge part of it. How I managed to turn to that damn radio station at the precise moment that the intro started for a song from 1975…no clue. But it almost took my breath away because, in that moment, I knew that I was okay with my choices, and that my life is worth making hard decisions for.

On a lighter note, Landslide is also one of my standard karaoke songs. Since my voice is pretty deep I sound more like the old Stevie, but that’s part of the I’m getting older too part, I guess. As you can imagine, it’s quite a dramatic rendition.