On reaching 100

Posts…not years! Actually, this is #101, and it’s hitting 4 days before the one year anniversary of this blog.

Rackhams pandora

There’s hubby #1…and Grandmama…and that time I embarrassed myself…and Miss Piggy?

When I started this blog I had very little ‘real work’ to do, so writing was my everything. I couldn’t get the words down fast enough, and they flowed like energized particles from the tips of my fingers. I had never before allowed myself the luxury of really sharing my stories, and once my Pandora’s box was opened I was flooded with things I just had to tell you. I got past the fear that no one would read what I’d written, or that (God forbid) they would read and would somehow think ill of me. I just let go, and the process carried me.

These days, I’m working two jobs, gardening, kinda-sorta dating someone and, while the words are still there, I have to move more stuff around to find them. It’s like sorting laundry to find the one pair of jeans that you know you can get one more wearing out of…you know they’re there, but it takes time to dig for them. (And sometimes they’re under the bed.)

I’ve promised myself that, at some point, I’m going to actually sit down and turn all of these stories into one big one with a beginning and a middle…not sure about the end though, ’cause the story and my life are a work in progress. Maybe old Pandora will just need a bigger box. (Um…that came out kind of weird.)

Thank you to everyone who’s ever bothered to read my stuff. I love you and you’re a part of my world now, whether you like it or not.


5 responses to “On reaching 100

  1. I like being part of your world very much, thank you! Congratulations on 100 and 101!!

    All love, Hubby #1

    Fred AwakeningClarityNow.com


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