Hey look at me…I’m a gardener!

Well, technically it’s not ME doing the gardening, but it’s in my yard, so I should get some of the credit…right?

My boyfriend is inducting me into the world of those who eat things from the yard…I never thought it would happen. We have two tomato plants (because they’re TOMATOES…duh), some lettuce (cause you’re supposed to), spinach (because I love it), some carrots from seeds (because I like the rows of green hair when they sprout), some celery (because he loves it…I figured if he’s cooking it’s all good), and a left-over sprouted red onion from the kitchen (cause we wanted to see what would happen). We’ve now been told that the onion will probably just flower, make seeds, and die. That’s fine, because what the hell are you gonna do with one onion plant anyway?

So the back yard is all Martha-Stewarty, and I’m actually enjoying it…who knew?

Think up something

I do have some reservations about that Sweeney Todd tomato though…



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