Don’t mind that…it’s just part of my crazy

I’ve written before about being bossy, but I’m afraid that this signature trait of mine is, once again, raring its (not so attractive) head in my life.

So, here’s the thing…I like to be right. I mean, I really, REALLY like to be right…is that so WRONG? (You should read that last part in the über whiny voice of Harvey Fierstein.)

After all, being correct (i.e. in control, the boss, perfect…you get the picture) has served me well often enough in my life that it makes it pretty damn hard to give it up! It’s saved me from any number of situations for which no one else could have possibly come up with the (obviously) right answer/plan/idea/annoying suggestion/condescending instruction…and the list goes on. However, as you might guess, it doesn’t always seem to be very much fun for those around me.

I once attended a mock trial…a bunch of fake jurors in a pretend jury room, discussing a case…the object of which is to give the lawyers a chance to better develop their argument. Since I’ve never actually been on a jury, it was an interesting experience (made even better by the fact that they were paying us). I’m not sure at what point my natural bossy tendencies leadership skills kicked in, but I was (naturally) chosen to be the head juror. Before long I was contributing so much that the moderator eventually asked me to shut up so that others could have a chance…I guess those fools just didn’t understand the democratic process! (I cashed my check really quickly after it was over…didn’t want them rethinking things.)

Who's the bossAs you can imagine, a trait like this can also be…shall we say… a bit challenging in a romantic relationship. As it turns out, 50-year-old men don’t actually like to be told where to park, or how fast to drive, or what to wear or say or think…SHEESH!

I did have one boyfriend who, upon meeting Bossy Tammy, just grinned and said, “Well honey…someone has to be the boss!” That was right before he decided that he needed excessive amounts of ginkgo biloba to try to keep up with what I was saying…he didn’t last long after that.

I read recently that there is a campaign to ban the word bossy, claiming that it negatively labels little girls who exhibit leadership abilities. I’m not sure that I agree with their entire spiel, but I’m really hoping that there’s a clause in there somewhere that might help out a 50-something-year-old woman with extra special talents in that area!


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