I’m stuck serving jury duty today and tomorrow. Thank God that they allow phones and computers…what did people do back in the day before we had access to technology? I mean, I like to read, but sitting here for 4-8 hours with only a book or some ancient magazines doesn’t sound exactly fun.

The first time I got called for jury duty was pretty memorable. It was shortly after I turned 21, and I was still in South Carolina. The drinking age back then was 18, so I’d been hanging out in bars for a few years, and I had a wicked crush on the drummer of a bluegrass band that played a lot around town. The night before I was supposed to do my civic duty, I went to a club to see my friend’s band, and I ended up staying out all night (don’t judge…that’s what 21-year-olds do!)

What great planning…I showed up at the courthouse late and hung over, and I was wearing the same low-cut dress and heels I’d worn the night before. I’m sure that my hair and makeup were lookin’ extra good too…I imagine that the guards at the front door thought a hooker had shown up in the jury room by mistake! I was the last person they let in, and I basically did a walk of shame across the huge room filled with good, upstanding citizens…all waiting and hoping to be called to pass judgement on lowlifes…like the hoochie mama who just walked in.

Suffice it to say that it was a lonnnnnng day. Today is already a lot better…so far the only issue has been my underwire bra making the metal detector go off…but after the full body scan they let me in. And now they’re letting us go home early…take THAT civic duty!

I don't want to see my sister on one of these shows!

I don’t want to see my sister on one of these shows!



3 responses to “Jury-nanigans

  1. I’m still waiting my turn to be chosen for Jury Duty…I wish I could volunteer. (I’m guessing I’m one of few people who wish for it).
    What’s being 21 without an epic “walk of shame” story? I think yours probably trumps most 🙂


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