The shiny ain’t worn off yet…

You know when something new starts, how there’s a break-in period when everything just seems soooo perfect? People refer to it as the ‘honeymoon phase’, but I personally think of it more as a shiny period. Whether it’s a new job, computer, car, boyfriend or whatever…the first few weeks/months are often idyllic…the sky is blue, your skinny jeans fit and God loves you! Then one morning you wake up and walk outside to find that first damn scratch on the fender, or maybe you arrive at work to find out that your new cube-mate is a non-deodorant wearing self-talker. Yep, it’s all fine and dandy until that fabulous new laptop won’t boot up or, much much worse, when your new guy decides it’s been long enough that farting in front of you is ok. That’s when you know for certain that the perfect life is over and done. That perfect new Kia/Hottie/Job at the car wash just isn’t what you thought you were signing up for. Oh, there’s shiny there, but you have to actually look for it.

I’m still in the shiny phase right now.  My car (while not pristine) still runs, and though the skinny jeans don’t quite fit, there are lots of other good things going on…hell, the flowers in my yard are even blooming! Life is good, and I just figure that once that shiny starts wearing off, there’s always spray paint…or Glade.

Best cubemate ever

Best cubemate ever



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