In the land of dreamy…spoons?

I like to tell people that sleeping is my superpower, but I’m also pretty good at having some damn crazy dreams. I used to take the time to write them down, but there were a handful that keep repeating over…and over…and over. And none of those I’m naked on the first day of school dreams for me, mind you–my nightmares are mostly about either not being in control or about not being successful at something. (Hard to believe for a woman who, when asked what one word would best describe her, came up with ‘competent’.)

In one of these recurring dreams I’m running the cash register in the comic book store that #1 and I had for six years, but I just can’t manage to actually ring anything up. I fumble with the register keys (“Um…I know the 3 was there a minute ago!”) but can’t get even a single sale finished. Meanwhile, the line of people who want to buy things just keeps getting longer, and disgruntled customers keep shooting dirty looks my way. (I guess I should be grateful that I have my clothes on in the dream, but it’s pretty stressful even with pants on!)

In another one, I’m driving a car but can’t quite reach the brakes, or I finally reach the pedal but nothing happens. In that dream, I just decide that I don’t need no stinkin’ brakes, but then I end up overshooting curves and turns and eventually drive right off of a bridge or embankment. (I’m too preoccupied in this one to even know if I’m dressed or not!)

Luckily, I do have one recurring dream that’s a bit more pleasant than the others. In this one (my favorite), I start out walking but within a short time I’m gliding along a few inches above the ground. It’s almost effortless and feels so good…at least until I realize that no one else notices that I’m actually doing it. They just walk on by like there’s nothing special happening, and I end up pissed off that my special talent is going unnoticed. (I don’t get no respect!)


(My sincere apologies to the memory and talent
of Windsor McCay)

Let’s do a little interpretation on these sleepy dramas. According to my dream dictionary:

  • Using a cash register means that you are worried or preoccupied with financial issues or worries (duh)
  • Driving a car signifies your life’s journey or path. (Makes sense…and mine is obviously on a helluva path?)
  • As you might be able to guess, failing brakes is not a good thing. It means that your life isn’t stable and now isn’t the time to take risks. (Oh great…when exactly was the right time for that?)
  • Being a waitress in your dream means that you are taking care of other people instead of yourself (I assume cats count?)
  • Seeing a fork in a dream indicates that you’re on the right path to reach your goals (and since I never FOUND the forks…sigh…)
  • To see spoons in a dream could mean favorable signs of advancement or that domestic affairs will result in contentment. (Finally a good one!)
  • Floating relates to satisfaction, contentment and acceptance of a situation–it means that I am letting go of my problems and rising above obstacles. (Maybe I’m letting go of the lack of forks?)

Not that I really have a choice, but I think I’ll just stick with the last two, if you don’t mind. And I’ll try really hard to keep my clothes on when I’m floating. (You’re welcome.)


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