I used to be Snow White, but I drifted


That’s me on the left (you can barely see me for that huge snow drift)

Growing up in South Carolina we rarely, if ever, got to experience snow…big surprise, huh? If we did get some real wintry weather, it always ended up very much like this picture of me with my little sister in the infamous South Cackalacky Blizzard of 1965. It’s sad knowing how crazy excited we were about all of that snow. (And in case you were wondering, no one even owned a parka…those rain coats were our heavy winter coats!)

You would assume that Portland would see a lot of snow in the winter, but (other than in the mountains) we usually don’t. The city is in a valley, snuggled in between two mountain ranges, and our winters are typically just wet and dark.

Every few years though, we get a big old icy storm. It’s Sunday afternoon as I write this, and we’ve all been snowed in for about four days now. FaceBook is filled with rants and whines about ‘cabin fever’, along with reports of stranded cars, power outages and grocery store shelves picked clean. Just like they did in the South, people act as though THE END IS NEAR, and they run screaming for home at the first flake. (I take it personally and figure that it’s just payback for never having had any winter weather growing up.)

Unfortunately, the folks here in Oregon don’t know how to drive in bad weather any better than did the residents of Atlanta a few weeks ago during their brush with the arctic blast. Most of us are just staying home and praying that the electricity doesn’t go out. The bravest souls are venturing out on foot in search of a bar that might be open…Portlanders will use anything as an excuse to party! I walked three blocks yesterday through some pretty deep drifts and slippery ice sheets, and I’ll just tell you that the burger and beers I found on the other end of that trek were well worth the chilly hike. I did, however, end up wearing a rain parka over several fleece layers…just like back in South Carolina, I didn’t have a heavy coat!

My smarty girl cat (Buffy) tried her escape trick when I opened the front door to see how bad it was this morning. Here’s a picture detailing exactly how far she got on her adventure. She’s a pussy when it comes to the weather. (See what I did there?)Buffy attempts the great snowpocaplypse

Stay warm (and ignore how dirty my door frame is). Spring can’t be far away…right?

(Oh, and thanks to Mae West for the title of this one.)


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