Aw hell, just throw some Febreze on it…

I used to make a lot more money than I make now. I worked long hours and was stressed out most of the time, so I felt pretty justified in getting pedicures on a regular basis, flying to Hawaii every year or two, always buying name brands, and having someone else clean my house. I was a fancy lady, and I liked it – well, everything except the 80 hour workweeks and the anxiety attacks. These days I don’t make quite so much money, so I stay home a lot, buy generic on occasion, only get my toes done every few months, don’t have much anxiety, and I have plenty of time to write and whine about not having a maid.

Suffice it to say that house cleaning is not exactly my forte. Not that I don’t appreciate a clean house…I do, but it’s a lot more fun when someone else gets it that way! I don’t live in filth or anything, but when my professional house cleaner friend comes over, she seems to be distracted and has a hard time relaxing. (I think just walking into my place makes her have a big old PineSol flashback.) It’s as though she just sees so many projects that she could easily whip into submission.

febrezeI’m okay, for now, with the way things are. My plan is simple: keep the cat hair off of stuff as much as possible, and to try to keep the house smelling decent. Whenever I do get around to doing some cleaning, my arsenal includes: three lint brushes (one per cat and one to grow on), a vacuum cleaner, a Swiffer, and a LOT of that oh-so-miraculous solution known as Febreze. (Some of you may have already read about the epic Febreze + MY HAIR = Disaster experiment I conducted a few years ago…just trust me and don’t try it at home). When USED PROPERLY however, the stuff is amazing, and anything in my house that won’t fit in the dryer gets a little squirt of the magical elixir every once in a while (except for the cats, who would technically fit in the dryer…but I have no desire to end up on the ASPCA hit list).

If and when I ever make enough money to justify having someone else clean my house, it’ll be a happy day. Well, maybe not for Procter & Gamble, but my cats will sleep a lot easier!


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