Quirky is as quirky does

flaming piper

The Unipiper…ah, Portland…I love you!

I like quirky. I guess it’s a good thing, because Portland is pretty much the quirk capital of the world. When asked what quirky habits annoy me, I found myself having to really search for something. In truth, I think that it’s actually a lack of quirk that makes me nuts…quirklessness, if you will.

That made me start thinking of things that I do that might prompt others to label me as quirky or eccentric:

  • Randomly start talking to strangers (“I just love those glasses!” or “Well aren’t you the cutest thing!? or “Here sweetie, let me pull that loose thread off of you…” don’t seem odd to me, but we’ll probably need to reconsider this one if I start talking to people who aren’t there.)
  • Floss my teeth while driving (It doesn’t happen often, but as Dr. M always says, “You only need to floss the ones you want to keep!”)
  • Refuse to talk on the phone for longer than about 3 minutes (I can’t help it…I just hate it! Does that somehow disqualify me from the girl club?)
  • Wear low-cut tops (Just get over it already…it’s my thing)
  • Believe in and patronize a psychic (Do I really need to say more?)
  • Get confused EVERY time we change the clocks for Daylight Savings Time (“But really…what time is it? No, I mean the real time…)
  • Try to explain my blog to people who don’t know me (I have the link on the back of my business card…yeah, I’m like that.)
  • Get my picture taken in bizarre situations and then Photoshop them to make them even stranger (You’re welcome.)

Tammy & Willie 3


2 responses to “Quirky is as quirky does

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  2. Try putting vanilla pudding in a small mayonnaise jar. Eat it in public. Get on a crowded elevator and say, “I know you are all wondering why I gathered you together today.” Watch everyone freak out. I can’t take credit for these, saw them somewhere else, don’t know where.


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