I could be the boss of you…just sayin’

I have to admit that I might have been told once or twice (ahem…) that I might be just the teeniest bit bossy. Now, I’m not going to argue with that because…well, because it’s undeniably true. However, in my own defense, that bossiness comes from a genuine, deeply rooted place that has been there since I was just a little girl.

My sister and I shared a best friend growing up. Her name was Cathy and she and I were both a year and a half older than my sister. When the three of us played together I usually ended up being mad at one or the other of them…sometimes running home crying because they wouldn’t do things the way I wanted them to…didn’t they know that I knew best? My favorite games were school (so I could be the teacher), or office (so I could be the boss). Duh…it was pretty obvious to me that I had the skill sets needed, so why not just give in and let nature take its course?

Chuck knows

Who messes with Chuck?

Later when I started getting ‘real’ jobs, I learned that I wasn’t necessarily always entitled to tell others what to do. It was a bit of a shock to me, and I did everything I could to move past that phase of my career ASAP! The first time I got to be a ‘real’ boss was when husband #1 and I owned a comic book store. Granted that we didn’t have any employees, and we were BOTH bosses, but it was still much better than having other people controlling my work world and my destiny…and telling me what the hell to do!

After #1 and I sold our business and moved to the West coast, I had to go back (kicking and screaming) to being a minion. Unfortunately, it turned out that I just wasn’t suited to un-bossy jobs any more, and I got myself booted from a job waiting tables within just a few months. It seems that mouthing off to the manager of the hotel restaurant (because I thought I knew more about my job than he did) wasn’t the best plan for career advancement…who knew? In truth, I was a terrible waitress, but I would have made a better boss than he did…in my own humble opinion.

I moved on to bigger and better jobs, and before long I was supervising phone room employees, and then managing teams, departments, vendors, husbands, potential husbands…and just about anyone else who would listen. From time to time, when someone says, “But you’re so bossy!” I just smile and nod…and I know that what I really am is so competent. I then smile sweetly and instruct them to hush up and let me handle things.

I now work from my home, so my ‘work bossing’ is done via email and phone calls. To top that off, I’m single, so my ‘hands on’ bossing is reserved for these two – at least they don’t fuss when I give them the ‘Do as I say, and not as I do’ speech. I’m considering promoting them, but Pickle (the black one) needs some remedial kissing-up training.

2013-06-20 14.40.10

Obviously in need of some serious supervision!


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