Poolish behavior

I’ve never been much of a swimmer. What I am good at is sitting by the pool…in the shade…with a beverage. That’s what I’m doing right now, but using the laptop is requiring even more shade than normal (which my pasty white legs are pretty happy about).

We are staying at the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne, and it’s pretty damn swanky…people wait on you hand and foot and act like they actually like you (that’s part of the reason it costs so much). Most of the guests are fairly snooty…and then there’s me and my gal pal S. We’re pretty down home and I like talking to people…it’s just my way. The young woman serving us drinks by the pool and I just discussed that her teeth are beautiful, and that she should (based on my personal experience) wear her retainer at night…even though she doesn’t like to. She helped us pull up a second sun umbrella to guard my whiteness, and is taking very good care of us. (Hubby #1 commented…on our first real dinner date…that he was surprised that I talked to ‘the help’ so much. Like I said…I’m friendly.)

2013-10-31 13.16.42

This really doesn’t suck

Working vacations are interesting. You have a foot in both worlds, and you just hope that the fun world wins (it rarely does). I figure that at least I have an excuse to start drinking during the day while finishing up my work, (I mean, come on…they bring it to you at the pool!) and the food is really good.

I’m finishing this post several hours later in the hotel room, after a bunch of amazing (but way overpriced) room service food. When I left the pool for the day, the same server with the beautiful smile told me that she’d miss me, and that she wished that I was going to be here tomorrow. I told her that we have to move to a different hotel, but that I really appreciated the service. Then I told her that she needs to tell her boyfriend that maybe she’s just not ready to be a mom to his two kids…yeah, so what if I am the Dr. Phil of talking to the help!?


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