Pity party cause I can pay the mortgage

I work as a consultant and my work tends to come in spurts. I love getting the work, but I hate those weeks when I have so much ‘real’ work that I have no time for anything else. This is one of those weeks.

Things being neglected:

  • Writing (I stole a few minutes to throw this together)
  • Vacuuming (oh darn)
  • Leaving the house during this lone week of beautiful fall weather (I work from home)
  • Laundry (at least being done right…a couple of loads have been washed but I keep forgetting to dry them!)
  • Reading all the Facebook ‘news’ (I’ll live)
  • Catching up with friends (I hope ya’ll read this…it’s all you get)

I’ll be back with something real to say in a couple of days…don’t forget about me!


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