My psychic probably knows I’m writing this…

The first time I saw a psychic, I didn’t know what to expect. I was referred to ‘Ms. C’ by a friend (and no, it’s not Miss Cleo from late night tv, or anyone who knows Dionne Warwick, for that matter). In fact, Ms. C doesn’t refer to herself as ‘a psychic’…she is an energy worker who happens to be ‘sensitive’…an empath…a healer of sorts.

Whoopi Goldberg

Not as pretty as Ms. C (and envision me all glowy, instead of Patrick Swayze)

I arrived for my appointment and sat down on a chair in what looked like a typical massage therapist’s office, but it was littered with beautiful crystals, rocks and feathers. The lights were soft and celtic music played in the background. A short, dark woman walked in, and my first impression was that she looked a bit like Whoopie Goldberg in Ghost…her beautifully sweet face and huge smile surrounded by lots of wild dark hair.

I had already decided that I wasn’t going to give her any info…I didn’t want her ‘reading’ my comments or body language. I was gonna test that woman, so I kept my mouth SHUT. She had me lie down on my back on a massage table and she walked around me, stopping at my feet. She held my cold feet in her warm hands and explained that male energy tended to gather there. After a few seconds she gave me an odd look and then explained that she could see that my father had disappeared when I was 4, and that I don’t know him. She added that he was sorry for any pain that he had caused in my life. 

“Damn!” I thought to myself, “That’s one for her.” (I can’t vouch for him feeling bad about it, but I haven’t seen him since I was four.)

Then she held her hands over me and proceeded to tell me the name of the person who had laid me off from my job a few days prior, adding that , “…that woman is NOT your friend!”


Chakra Chart

Shit!” I thought. I was all prepared to shoot this whole experience down, but I could see that wasn’t going to work out like I’d planned.

I think it was at that point that I decided to just go with it…no more testing. We talked for the rest of that session about various things that had happened to me (we spent quite a bit of time talking about husband #1, I can tell you), and Ms. C cleared up a lot of negative energy in my chakras. Now, I had heard of having your chakras cleared, but I didn’t expect to have someone tell me about some bizarre thing that happened when I was 11 that ended up clogging up one of these 7 energy centers…it was the equivalent of a psychic Roto-Rooter!

I was in shock when I left her office that first day. I felt somehow lighter than I had in years…as though a huge weight had been lifted…like I had given away bonds that had been holding me down.

During another visit, Ms. C said that my grandmother (who passed many years ago) was still watching out for me (which I already knew), adding, “And that woman is a hoot…she wants to take credit for most of the good things that have ever happened to you!” (Anyone who knew my grandmama can certainly believe that!)

She also told me (many times) that I need to follow my art and my heart. She said that she saw me working for myself again in the future (which I now am), which men were too attached to me, and which were just not ready, and that the Universe likes me and has my back…I just have to trust it. (That was a hard lesson, but I’ve finally given in to the truth of it.)

I found out later that Ms. C is a mixture of African-American and Native American, and that her grandmother had also had ‘the gift’. She told me about walking down the street by her grandmother’s side, pointing out a man who had “black sickness” inside him. “That’s right honey,” the older woman told her, “he’s real sick, but don’t tell no one you can see that. They won’t understand.” When little Ms. C later mentioned that a woman they saw on the street had a baby inside her, but her tummy wasn’t big yet, her grandmother just repeated her warning, adding a, “Hush, girl” to the end of it.

I get that this type of thing isn’t for everyone. I also appreciate that you may not believe that this process is real. That’s ok…it works for me, and I’m lucky to be able to count Ms. C among my friends and mentors. Over the 10 or so years that have passed since that first visit, I’ve seen this gifted lady many times, and each visit has had some special message for me. Whether clearing my chakras (“Girl, you got to shut down that 1st chakra (survival) and let that intuition of yours BREATHE!”) to just settling down my energy after a particularly bizarre month (“I can see that you let another damn crazy man into your heart….mmm hmmm…we’ll get him outta there. We might need to use the big crystals for this one…and do you have any sage at home?”)

The observations have ranged from the minor (“You’re gonna get flowers today,”–an hour after I already had gotten them), to major things that have forever changed me (“You need to share yourself with the world, Tammy…you shine in a special way,”–which just made me blush).

And then it made me write. Damn…that woman is GOOD!

And for your enjoyment…from Ghost:

SAM: Molly, you’re in danger.

ODA MAE BROWN: You can’t just blurt it out like that! And quit moving around, because you’re starting to make me dizzy. I’ll just tell her in my own way.

[pause; then]

ODA MAE BROWN: Molly, you in danger, girl.


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