Let’s all yuck it up at Tammy’s expense

So, after rereading yesterday’s post, I realized that I plummeted anyone who’s still with me here into a dark place. Dark and musty…and dark. To make up for that bit of negative memory purging, here’s something a little lighter, and much funnier.

In spite of a rocky start in my younger years, anyone who knows me in person understands that my hair really is my best feature. It’s a fact. My hair typically looks better on a ‘bad hair day’ than most people’s does on a normal day. I’m not being vain either…I’m just blessed! It’s long, and blonde and I have a good stylist, and I have some SKILLZ when it comes to a curling iron and a can of Aqua Net…just sayin’.

For your enjoyment, I now give you some of my more interesting hair choices…

at yesterdays

I’m obviously cracking Lynnie up

<— I don’t know for sure if this one was taken in the late 1980’s or in the 90’s, but it’s so perfect on so many levels. It features me AND my beautiful sister, and we both are rockin’ the hair…although Lynnie has more of a claw than I do.  I think mine is more New  Jersey, and I’m pretty stylin’ in that Miami Vice jacket. In addition, there is a shot of my favorite beverage AND a cool workout headband in the back! It’s like a trifecta of 80’s goodness!

t standing with 80s hair

Diggin’ the headband!

This one is special because you to see how much forehead I have—>

(That equates to lots of brains…right?) It’s also before I learned that hair framing the face is a very good thing!

t at mult falls

If you look hard you can tell those are ‘Mom Jeans’

<— I love this one from 1993ish…my hair looks pretty great, even though it’s got some funky stuff going on up top. This is right about when I finally figured out the right blonde for me, but it’s a few years before I got braces. It also illustrates how wonderful I am at posing for pictures!

And so the story of my hair continues. A few weeks ago a 35ish male hipster told me (reverently) that I had a Dolly Parton ‘vibe’ going on. I don’t really know if it was meant to be a good thing or not, but he was smiling. I’m guessing he meant the early Dolly with the cheaper wigs and the larger waist, but I just smiled back at him and said, “Oh…thanks…I think.” When it comes down to it, this hair has a life of its own…who am I to stand in the way?


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