Flight delays

So, I’m heading to South Carolina today to visit Mama, my sister, and her two kids (both of whom had birthdays this week). I only get back east about once a year, so it’s a pretty big deal.

Thank God that I’ve traveled enough to know that being all packed and prepped the night before is important. For this trip I got everything pretty much lined up last night, then set my alarm for 4:15 a.m., with a cab scheduled for a 5:30 a.m. pickup. I was a little freaked when I was woken up by the phone ringing, and even more so when the taped voice on the other end reported that, “Your cab will arrive in ONE minute.” Huh?!? I swear I set that alarm!

I asked the cab driver to wait for a minute, threw on some clothes, brushed my teeth and threw my hair up in a clip…and I MADE MY FLIGHT! People were giving me some weird looks, but I figured, “Hey…at least I’m here!” I was in line to board my first flight when a sweet woman tapped me on the shoulder. I turned, fully expecting her to tell me that I had toothpaste in my hair or that someone wanted my attention. Instead, she stealthily whispered, “You probably already know this…and maybe you even intended to do it…but you do realize that your shirt is on inside-out…right??”

I just laughed, knowing that I was usually the one doing the shoulder tapping! Her husband suggested that maybe I’d want to get to my seat and then take it off to ‘fix it’…and then all three of us laughed together. Honestly, I’m relieved that I remember to put a shirt on in the first place!

I’m sitting in the Newark airport as I write this, nine hours later. It’s crowded and the mood is a bit dark, as flights everywhere have been delayed by thunderstorms in other parts of the country. At this point, I only have two more hours left of what turned out to be a six and a half hour layover before the last leg of my trip starts.

My own mood, however, is just fine and I haven’t even been to the airport bar yet! My t-shirt is now right side out, and about twenty minutes ago a huge pigeon just calmly strolled by my seat…looking like he was wondering why we were all here. I figure he’s just running late like the rest of us. Maybe I’ll catch up with him and buy him a beer…hell, I might even tell him some stories about Mama.


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