Six Words: I’ll happily just keep on blogging

Six Words: I’ll happily just keep on blogging

For me right now, these six words pretty much sum it up. I’m finding myself through this process, and I couldn’t be a whole lot happier. Every post is a discovery…and every day is a gift.

It’s funny to me that I’ve never written anything meaningful until now. Hell, I’m well over halfway through my life, and I’ve never bothered to share my perspectives, or my stories, with anyone who wasn’t sitting at a bar, in the next cubicle, or next to me at a cocktail party. I’m finding that I’M the one who should have listened all along the way…that I’m the one who’s opinion matters.

Yay for me. Just sayin’…

8 responses to “Six Words: I’ll happily just keep on blogging

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  4. You go girl! I’m really happy for you! This can actually act as a clearing process for you as well. You can see your life–your stories–more objectively, and often from a funny angle.

    See you soon!

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