Sleep…kind of

Sleeping is sort of my super power. I can sleep anywhere, any time…through pretty much anything. I was told, as a child, that I didn’t even stir the night that a group of blaring fire engines sped onto our street and parked in front of our house with their sirens still going. I guess the whole neighborhood went out to see what the ruckus was about…except for me. I didn’t even believe it happened until I saw the tread marks left in our yard…we were on a corner lot and I guess one of the trucks cut the turn a little close.

If all the daytime talking I do isn’t enough, it turns out that I also talk in my sleep…a lot. Mama used to swear that I spoke Swahili during the night…her way of describing what apparently sounds like a holy roller speaking in tongues. I seem to at least be a funny sleeper though…just a few weeks ago I woke myself up with the sound of my own laughter. Cracked myself up (and awake) twice in the same night!

My sister has always been a couch sleeper. When we were young she would periodically do the creepiest sleep thing I’ve ever seen. Lynnie would be soundly sleeping on the couch, just like a normal person. You’d turn your head and, when you looked back, she was still asleep but with her eyes WIDE open. She would just stare…it makes me shiver to think about it!

Gift idea for sister?

Gift idea for sister?

I’ve shared some stories before about my sister’s deviltry and her knack for getting into trouble, but the open-eye thing was one of the most bizarre things she did. Or so I thought, until once when she was couch sleeping and, all of a sudden, she slowwwwly sat up…her eyes wide open…without using her arms. Now, I know a damn vampire when I see one, but we didn’t have any fresh garlic, so I just went to the bedroom, locked the door, and prayed that there wouldn’t be any sisterly sleep walking!

I’m pretty sure that I didn’t laugh in my sleep that night, but it’s entirely possible that I talked about (or cursed at) my sister after I dozed off. Luckily, no one would have been able to understand what I was saying anyway…unless they spoke Swahili. 


4 responses to “Sleep…kind of

  1. I used to sleep like that: During one of my more famed escapades involving listening devices and avoiding The FBI, I fell asleep on top of a stage in an old auditorium, up on the beams among the sandbags and workings of the curtains.

    I’m not sure what language I speak when I sleep, but the crew from the university cafeteria always told me that what I spoke during lunch wasn’t English.


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