Why you should care…

I’m a lucky damn woman.
I’ve been a Southern belle, a wife (twice), a graphic artist, a party animal (um…more than twice), the lady behind the counter who remembered which books you like, and a (fairly) successful middle manager.  I’ve gone ‘On the Lam’ and off the grid as a (self-imposed) fugitive, lived in a gold mining camp in the middle of nowhere, had a Baptist wedding…and then a Wiccan one, and I’ve traveled to parts of the world where my big-ass blonde ‘former southern belle’ hair got me into a mess of trouble. Of the multiple lives I’ve lived, some were spectacularly uninteresting….at least one was more bizarre than even I can believe….and this current one is turning out to be jussssst right.
So…that’s the Reader’s Digest version (is that still a relevant reference?) of my story.  There are lots more chapters and characters  (psychics, crazy boyfriends, gurus, anarchists….and my mama, of course) who will be appearing from time to time.  I’ll do my best to change the names to protect the (almost) innocent, and I’ll try to be kind whenever it isn’t too much of a buzz kill.
Once, a coworker (who’s now a lifelong friend) and I came up with a “cast of characters” for our office, if it were a movie.  This was in about 1993, and we decided that I would be played by Candace Bergen, and she would be portrayed by Deborah Winger (we thought pretty highly of ourselves…we cast a beat up old Angie Dickenson as our manager).  In this new iteration of my own little Lifetime movie, I think to play my part, I’d choose a combo of Jean Smart (remember her from ‘Designing Women’?) and Brett Butler (that loud-mouthed southern comedian who had a show called ‘Grace Under Fire’ in the mid to late 1990’s before she became homeless and pitiful).  I should probably throw in just a little Meryl Streep though…and I mean the “Bridges of Madison County” Meryl…not the current one.  I still think kinda highly of myself it seems…
And so now I’m a blogger.  Ta daaaa!

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